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Past Events - 2017


We had a full house and terrific weather for our Spring Garden Party. Sallie Bingham read excerpts from her forthcoming book Doris Duke: The Invention of the New Woman. Doris was a fascinating person and Sallie's reading gave us a glimpse into her life of privilege and intrigue. Sallie was entertaining and enlightening -- everyone who came really enjoyed her talk -- and a gracious hostess as she shared her beautiful event venue.

A wonderful afternoon was had by all -- and we look forward to being able to buy Sallie's book when it comes out in 2018!

This was an opportunity to meet other woman connected to the arts, ranging from a ghost-writer to a fashion designer who utilizes original artwork for garments fabricated by embroiderers and weavers in India. A fascinating group of women. Sharon C.

Thursday, May 18, 2017
Fiber Art Event Moderator Jane Sauer with Panelists Teri Greeves, Kay Khan, Sarah Nolan. Photo Credit: Judith Nix

Fiber Art: Concept and Technique

This sold-out event was a real crowd-pleaser! Fiber art gallery owner, artist, and collector Jane Sauer returned to Santa Fe to moderate a lively panel discussion Fiber Art: Concept and Technique with three of New Mexico’s most talented fiber artists: Teri Greeves, Beadwork; Kay Khan, Structural Art Jewelry; and Sarah Nolan, Art Clothes.

Each artist talked about her art -- what inspires her, how she gets her ideas, her aspirations for her art and those to whom her art speaks. They gave us a peek into how and where they work as well as their views on collaboration vs a singular work style. We saw beautiful examples of their work during their talks -- and afterwards, when many of us went shopping! It was a memorable treat to hear from such gifted artists.

I left feeling enriched and inspired! Margy O.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Life in Art: Collecting

Many lucky participants enjoyed hearing from a fascinating panel of women art collectors at the Charlotte Jackson Fine Art Gallery in Santa Fe. Panel moderator, Jackie M, engaged each collector in a series of topics, from how did you get started collecting to where do you store all of your art? Each of our panelists was ready to tell us all about their collections and their love of art.

Many thanks to Charlotte Jackson for hosting as well as participating, and to Brenda Edelson, Betsy Ehrenberg, Ann Frej, and Jackie M.

Monday, January 23, 2017

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