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Amanda Romero, UNM

Amanda Romero, an artist and musician, grew up in Santa Fe and has always had an interest in the way that humans, technology, and environments are interconnected. Amanda's work is geared around social practice and the way that art and sound can be used as healing mechanisms in both natural and self-generated environments.

She has done extensive research and practice in various art modalities and the way in which they can be implemented as mechanisms for change and healing in individuals as well as those who have varying forms of trauma and disability. Her affinity for social practice and the progressive nature of the relationships between humans, technology and environments has allowed her to create a dialogue on these parallels. Specifically, her work with hospice patients has involved a personalized treatment plan that implements music as well as sound therapy. She uses her background in music, photography and video in such a way that permits her to explore these relationships.

Amanda will graduate from The University of New Mexico in December with a BFA in Art Studio with an emphasis in Electronic Arts and a Minor in Arts Management. Amanda will conclude her Honors Thesis exhibition and lecture for her body of work 'Isla del Medio' this fall. She will graduate with Baccalaureate Honors, Departmental Honors and as a member of The National Society of Student Leadership and Success. She was selected to be a SITE Scholar for the 2015-2016 academic year and mentored this summer with artist Pablo Helguera at The New York Arts Practicum.

You can see more of Amanda's work on her website.

Amanda is excited for what the future holds and remains steadfast in her pursuit of her passions, both academic and artistic, and maintains that both her creativity and her passions are the most important driving forces in her life.