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Santana Lopez, Northern NM College

I've always been interested in art; from drawing to digital media, I love it all. I started drawing when I was very young. Most of the time I drew cartoons, which I still love to this day. I've broadened my abilities and as I got older, I started drawing more realistic images, usually people. In high school, I was introduced to the world of digital imaging. I fell in love, because not only could I set my imagination in high gear, I could make it come to life.

Film has also been something that has fascinated me greatly. Story telling is a very important aspect in art, and film makes stories seem real. I filmed and edited my first independent film project in my freshman year at Northern for the school cross country team.
Cross Country Video

My long term goal is to one day become a computer animator, for I believe this career has all the attributes I am looking for in my life's work. I will forever be grateful for your generous donation, for it is assisting me in going toward the right path into a successful future. It's an honor to be granted this scholarship!