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Rachelle Pablo

Rachelle painting
Pablo has participated in several exhibitions, such as the ‘Art Bank Inaugural Show’ at the Center of Contemporary Art in Santa Fe NM; ‘Monster Show’ at the Balzer Gallery at the IAIA in Santa Fe NM; ‘Art in the Rave’ at IAIA; ‘Transforming Landscapes’ at Balzer Gallery in Santa Fe. She was selected by IAIA to increase her artistic experiences at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee event on April 2017 at the Museum of Contemporary Native Art in Santa Fe NM and at the ‘58th Annual Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair & Market’ in Phoenix AZ. She was invited to assist with the visiting Artist in Residence program at IAIA, preparing for the Oakland Museum of California Open Engagement 2016 “Power” ‘Natalie Ball: War Hoop Flash Mob’ at Oakland CA and the ‘MoCNA/NMAI Social Engagement Program’ with Rose B. Simpson in Santa Fe NM.

I’m a mixed-media artist who is influenced by Indigenous and Chicano cultures of the Southwest. My experience has cultivated an emotionally raw consciousness of weaving through the harmonious dysfunction of life’s reality. I’m a descendant of a matrilineal society from the Southern Band of the Athabaskan people, the Diné Nation. Strength runs within every microscopic cellular structure of my being. My art is a fierce, unapologetic statement of who I am: an Indigenous Queer woman Vet walking in three worlds of Indigeneity, Queer-ness, and the Western Eurocentric perspective!

Geometric design, metal, and elements of earth, such as charcoal, come naturally to the core of my instincts. I’ve been blessed with the ability to create expressive portraitures inducing a response. I am known to push the limits addressing life’s realities: of addiction, unaddressed traumas, social injustice, gender and sexual oppression. This occasionally creates discomfort amongst the viewers. My grandmother influences the geometric designs of prayer and my symbiotic connection with metal derives from my grandfather. They both are impactful and innate inspirations.

I see the world with a geometric order yet connected to the earth. My mind is analytical nevertheless creative, it’s both structured yet beautifully chaotic. The fusion of the logical left and the creative right within my perspective contribute to a melding of geometric bliss connected to the raw-organic experience of life. I refuse to perpetuate the Eurocentric romanticized misinterpretation of Indigenous art.

I reject being branded a victim; I pray my art will impact individuals with a fierce, honest message that will induce consciousness and encourage the viewers to honor their own truths. As the great Maya Angelou eloquently stated, “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”