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Valerie Devereaux

The Fall

"As a child, I drew pictures that depicted imaginary worlds, recollections of happy times, and things I wished to see or become. Today, I draw pictures that create narratives and capture the essence of the subjects I depict. Two-dimensional work had been my primary media of choice until quite recently.

I discovered my passion of forking with metal only two years ago. Since then, I have had commission work in silver with precious, personal stones, practiced goldsmithing, had my work featured in several small galleries, and have learned a multitude of metalsmithing techniques. Working with my hands is something that is incredibly gratifying. Creating beauty out of basic, sometimes ordinary materials is also something that is quite rewarding to me as an artist.

Ultimately, creating artwork is what I love more than anything. And to be able to create on a daily basis is what I strive to do!"