Rebecca Anthony

Specialties: Paper, Multimedia, Writing, Painting

Artist Statement

A kiss from my husband; a good cup of coffee; a walk with the dogs; time in my studio; time to myself; chat with a friend; phone call from the kids; a laugh with my aunt; a delicious meal; New Mexico sunset; and a moment or three at my dome…perfection!       

Artist Bio 

Rebecca was born in the suburbs of Denver where everyone she knew called her Becky. Her grandmother taught her to sew and draw and schooled her on “perspective” as it pertains to the art world. She learned about life perspective later.
Rebecca married at a few points in her life and had four exceptionally creative children. She adopted and loved more than 15 cats; kept and loved dogs (which didn’t turn out quite the way she was promised); and still has plants that were given to her by her mother when she was 13 years old.
Her life changed dramatically in 2013 when she moved to a tiny off-the-grid geodesic dome in the middle of New Mexico and quit her job to become a full-time artist. “My husband, children, hiking, pets, New Mexico landscapes, town gossip, and personal history all return me to my creator within.”

Rebecca Anthony

Rebecca Anthony

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City: Mountainair

Phone: #505 948 4294

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Preferred Contact Method: Website

Artistic Specialties: Paper, Multimedia, Writing, Painting

Career Level: Professional