Carol Gove

Specialty: Mixed Media

Full Turn   mixed media collage, 40" x 40"

Full Turn
mixed media collage, 40" x 40"

Free From Responsibility   mixed media collage, 40" x 60"

Free From Responsibility
mixed media collage, 40" x 60"

Undercurrent  mixed media collage, 40" x 40"

mixed media collage, 40" x 40"

Carol Gove

Carol Gove

Artist Statement

I am most happy when I am covered in paint, my hands saturated with pigment, and my eyes searching for the “right” piece of collage to complete a composition and expression.”

I draw from nature, landscape, and abstract expressionism, attempting to strike a balance between painterly gesture and the physicality of a pasted collage fragment. I mine a personal and aesthetic history for source material, re-using scraps of old handwritten letters, worn labels, sheet music, sewing patterns and other memorabilia from the lives of familial others, creating something new from something old.

I create dialogue and play between the graphical history and textures of the found materials and the fluidity and opacity of paint. Remnants of imagery appear and disappear in my work as the materials are washed and worn by layers of paint. It is my intent to give the viewer a “glimpse” at a recognizable fragment or common history so that they may be reminded of their own memories and lives when looking at my work.

Artist Bio

Carol Gove works out of her Santa Fe studio as an abstract mixed media collage artist. She has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibits over the last 18 years.

Her paintings and collages are exhibited nationally at Gebert Contemporary in Scottsdale, Stremmel Gallery in Reno and Galerie d’Orsay in Boston. She is a member of the DeCordova Museum Corporate Art Program and The National

Association of Women Artists in New York. Her work can be found in public collections including the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston.

She has been accepted in many nationally juried shows including a 100 year retrospective exhibit “In Context: Collage & Abstraction” at the Pavel Zoubok Gallery in New York. This exhibit included contemporary artists as well as master work by Kurt Schwitters, Robert Motherwell, Lee Krasner and more.


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