Evelyn McLean

Specialties: Painting, Printmaking

Below Zapatta Falls   Oil on canvas 8'x5'

Below Zapatta Falls
Oil on canvas 8'x5'

Tree Fungus, Monotype     Oil on Paper 30"x40"

Tree Fungus, Monotype
Oil on Paper 30"x40"

Pinon/Juniper Forest Floor   Oil on canvas 8'x5'

Pinon/Juniper Forest Floor
Oil on canvas 8'x5'

Evelyn McLean

Evelyn McLean

Artist Statement

Depart not from nature according to your fancy, imagining to find aught better by yourself;
For verily art is embedded in nature; he who can extract it, has it. 
         Albrecht Dürer 

With great curiosity and wonder, I am drawn to study the disregarded matter of nature -- that which is routinely overlooked. The complexity of these forms, such as seed pods, lichen and cacti, seduce and invite me to scrutinize the sacred structures. Capturing images while out in the wilderness of Colorado and New Mexico, my work manifests primarily in oil on canvas, board or paper. The small, intricate forms become monolithic shapes of color, light and shadow, inviting viewers to examine the magnified curiosities. With an enlarged perspective, I hope to elevate the prosaic presence of organic life forms and cause others to pause and marvel. 

Artist Bio

My work is inspired by the beauty found in nature, and I am drawn to looking closely at the intricacies of small things -- seed pods, flowers, cacti, tree bark, insects, etc. The early influence of Georgia O'Keeffe's work and aesthetic has set me on a similar path, now living in a similar place. The high desert of northern New Mexico echoes my years in the harsh landscape of Texas, where rugged beauty thrived amongst rocks and thorns. Creating limited edition prints of my drawings and seeing tiny, organic forms large on canvas, like under a microscope, still excites and challenges me.

I obtained a graphic design degree from the Dallas Art institute and worked as a designer and illustrator for ten years. I then earned a BFA in painting and am currently a full-time art teacher for K-12th grade students.


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Website: evymclean.com

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