Janet Bothne

Specialty: Painting

Ascent of Orange  36" x 72" acrylic on canvas - diptych

Ascent of Orange
36" x 72" acrylic on canvas - diptych

Playing Through   48" x 36"

Playing Through
48" x 36"

View from Above  36" x 72" acrylic on canvas - diptych

View from Above
36" x 72" acrylic on canvas - diptych

Janet Bothne

Janet Bothne

Artist Statement

My artistic practice is an exchange between myself and paint. The more challenges it presents, the more I engage. It’s about being present and responsive — and realizing there’s no perfection to be achieved, just a hard-earned accord.

I’m sometimes painting “backwards”, with some idea of an elusive end result that I purposefully push back from in the early layers. Getting towards resolving a piece, plans have usually gone awry because the paint has shown me what it would rather do. After having given up the need to control my work, I have found my center and learned the satisfaction of letting paint be paint. It’s shown me the beauty in things that arrive on their own terms.

I’m simply the conduit for these colors that play and trick the eye, with their shy or bold personalities revealing themselves or not, depending on the light — their mischievous accomplice.

Artist Bio

Janet Bothne’s artwork focuses on the limitless possibilities color presents as subject matter.

“As the paint on my palette changes depending on time, humidity or other environmental factors, I get a sense that it’s alive. My goal is to transfer that life onto the canvases I create. If I can create a feeling of rhythm while striking a balance between the familiar and the enigmatic with my abstractions, I’ve achieved my goal.” 

Born near Boston, Bothne studied art at the University of MA at Amherst as well as UCLA and Brentwood Art Center in California. She has exhibited in numerous venues such as The Los Angeles County Museum’s Sales & Rental Gallery, The Santa Monica Art Museum, and Miami Solo. She is currently represented in California, Florida, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Mexico, and Texas.

She relocated to New Mexico in 2013 and works from her studio in Los Ranchos.


For more information about this artist:

Website: www.janetbothne.com

Artist Contact: janetbothne@mac.com