Women to Watch 2020: Paper

STAY TUNED FOR OUR 2020 NOMINEES! The New Mexico State Committee is currently working with curator Laura Addison, from the Museum of International Folk Art, to select five female artists working in paper to be submitted to the National Museum’s 2020 exhibit.

Women to Watch 2020 is the sixth installment of NMWA’s exhibition series that features emerging or underrepresented artists from the states or countries in which the museum has outreach committees. It will be presented in NMWA’s temporary exhibition space on the second floor, and will be on view from mid-June through mid-September of 2020.

 The exhibition will focus on the transformation of paper into complex works of art. Paper is a ubiquitous medium that is made from a variety of materials, and the artists represented by the national and international committees in Women to Watch will exemplify this variety of production. To reveal the broad range of possibilities of paper art, works in the exhibition may be delicate and light as seen in the suspended cut-out tapestries of Tomoko Shioyasu, or dense and heavy like Jae Ko’s built environments. They may use innovative technology similar to Nazgol Ansarinia’s 3-D printed architectural forms made of paper pulp, or employ more traditional methods like Liliana Porter’s tromp-l’oeil effects that obfuscate reality between the image and the physical surface of the paper. Paper can also speak to more personal reflections; Ursula von Rydingsvard infuses objects of sentimental attachment into her handmade paper, while Maren Hassinger twists and shapes newspapers as politically-charged symbols.

Women to Watch 2020 will demonstrate that paper is not always the overlooked support for drawings, prints, and photographs, but instead a medium in and of itself. Other examples of contemporary artists who create paper art include Karla Black, Nathalie Boutté, Zoe Bradley, Ambreen Butt, Tara Donovan, Rebecca Hutchinson, Asya Kozina, Howardena Pindell, Jasmin Sian, Kara Walker, and Kumi Yamashita.