Tips to Create a Great Profile

These tips may not be useful to everyone, but if you haven’t developed your own website or had to write a bio or artist statement, maybe these will be of help.

1.  Fill out the whole thing!  You may have spent a lot of time building your own website and don’t want to do a lot of extra work, but you never know who will see your profile.  We want your profile on the New Mexico Women in the Arts Artist Registry to serve as another way to connect others with you and your work instead of replacing your website.

2.  Grammar, spelling, and formatting count. It’s easy to make simple errors, so make sure to preview your profile after updating.

3.  The days of making yourself STAND OUT by using all caps or lowercase are over. Express yourself through your artwork, not your caps lock key for a more professional profile.

4.  Your artist photo is one of the first things that someone browsing your profile will see. Some artists are shy about posting an image of themselves, but when people are interested in your work, they’re interested in you, too.  Whether you take a selfie, have a friend take a snapshot of you, or have a professionally done head shot, let people see you as well as your work.

5.  Your artist bio should be a paragraph or two, around 250 words. Your bio is not a CV. It’s an overview of your background and career. Please don’t post a resume or CV with a long list of exhibitions and awards – the casual browser to our site won’t read it.

6.  Your artist statement is a personal statement about the meaning of your art to you. Write it clearly and concisely, as if you were speaking to someone in person; keep it simple and brief, around 250 words. Explain why you create this kind of art; what inspires you or drives you to create it; what it signifies or represents; what you intend it to communicate. Explain your artistic process; describe any special techniques that you use in producing your art. The goal is to communicate to a very wide audience what your art is about and what it means to you.

7.  When posting work product images, we encourage visual artists to upload images that are representational of your work. If you’re a performing artist or musician, a still image from a performance that expresses your work would be helpful. If you’re a literary artist, a book cover or a photo of yourself giving a reading can be good choices.